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  • Square Footage

    Square Footage

    The amount of space within the walls of a building. When temporary structures are introduced during construction and renovation projects, this figure can become more difficult to track.

  • EnergyStar Rating

    EnergyStar Rating

    This is an EPA-calculated figure from 1 to 100 that rates building efficiency by comparing utility usage to similar buildlings. The rating accounts for many factors, including hours in operation, occupancy, usage types and climate. Though DC reports on nearly all DC-owned buildings, size, type and usage restrictions mean Energy Star scores can be calculated for under half the portfolio.

    Energy Cost Per Square Foot

    Energy Cost Per Square Foot

    The annual billed cost of all Electricity, Natural Gas and Steam (where applicable), divided by a building's square footage. This is a simple way to compare the efficiency of a big building to a smaller building.

  • Source EUI

    Source EUI

    Energy Use Intensity (EUI) is the amount of Electricity, Natural Gas and Steam used by a building, divided by the square footage. Source EUI includes the amount of energy lost in the production and transmission of that energy. As more Wind and Solar generation come online, Source EUI will drop.

    Annual kWh

    Annual kWh

    The annual billed electrical consumption of a building.

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