About BuildSmart DC

The mission of BuildSmart DC is ambitious but simple: sharing energy data, both good and the bad, will empower operators, occupants, and DC residents to take action towards unprecedented energy savings.

At its core, BuildSmart DC is about data. To be useful, that data must be detailed, timely, and actionable. BuildSmart DC offers:

  • Tens of Thousands of Data Points, Delivered Daily.
    Each building on BuildSmart DC registers energy consumption on 15-minute intervals. That’s nearly 100 readings for each building, posted the next day.
  • Basic Building Data
    These include a range of initiatives, from low-cost building management system upgrades to full-scale school modernizations.
  • Detailed Reports
    Energy efficiency projects designed and implemented by our team, with the real-time savings that can only be verified with timely interval data.
  • Explanation and Collaboration
    BuildSmart DC is the most powerful when we can all work together. That means that we take explaining our data seriously.
  • An Introduction to the DGS-Sustainability & Energy Team
    Check out a summary of our work HERE.

BuildSmart DC uses these tools (and others!) to deliver accountability, cooperation, and performance.

We are constantly working to make BuildSmart DC better, and we want to hear from you. If you have suggestions, criticisms, or want to get involved, contact us here.