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Serving the District

DGS tirelessly manages the District’s building portfolio: saving money, protecting resources and engaging our residents.

  • Design Excellence

    Providing energy efficiency best practices for new construction.

  • Energy Monitoring

    Tracking thousands of data points to determine how our buildings are performing.

  • Retro-Commissioning

    Planning the improvements needed to keep our buildings as efficient as possible.

About Us

Energy Use Adds Up

Over 400 DGS facilities serve nearly 100,000 people every day.

$5,400,000 is spent on electricity every day

Delivering Results

Innovative programs create savings and lower emissions by finding new and unique sources of power.

Dunbar High School Rooftop Solar Panels
463 kW increase

Dunbar High School Rooftop Solar Panels

Last school year, DGS - Sustainability & Energy proudly presided over the launch of a 463 kiloWatt solar panel installation at Dunbar High School. This installation is the largest rooftop solar panel array in the District, and helped Dunbar receive the highest LEED certification score ever for an American high school.

Building Statistics

LEED Points
343,400 SF
Annual Energy Cost
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