The District of Columbia is saving money, saving energy and creating one of the greenest cities in the world.


Build Smart DC is a public, visual record of building energy use in the District. Established with a core of publically-managed facilities, the platform is expanding to provide building performance and energy efficiency project data on the broadest possible swath of buildings in Washington, DC.


From building management system optimization to improved HVAC and lighting scheduling, Build Smart DC captures and highlights the significant savings achieved through no- and low-cost improvements to building energy management.


Build Smart DC provides accountability for government and private sector spending through exposing raw daily energy usage, building performance comparisons, efficiency project efficacy tracking and simply providing a substantial and unique pool of information from which stakeholders can learn and build.

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Mayor Gray’s Vision

Mayor-Vincent-Gray “In just one generation – 20 years – the District of Columbia will be the healthiest, greenest, and most livable city in the United States. An international destination for people and investment, the District will be a model of innovative policies and practices that improve quality of life and economic opportunity. We will demonstrate how enhancing our natural and built environments, investing in a diverse clean economy, and reducing disparities among residents can create an educated, equitable and prosperous society.”

Mayor Vincent Gray